About Me

I am now working as a software engineer for Qualcomm after they acquired my previous company, Cambridge Silicon Radio, who were, unsurprisingly, based in Cambridge, England. Needless to say, nothing on this site has anything to do with my employers.

Prior to working at CSR I was working at the University of Birmingham as a Systems Programmer for the CHARISSA collaboration in the nuclear physics group. Shortly before that job, I completed a PhD in experimental nuclear physics in the Nuclear Physics Group of the University of Surrey.

As expected, I do a lot of computing work. Since I started computing professionally, I’ve stopped any hobby computing as the last thing I want to do when I get home after spending all day programming is spend my free time programming.

Having said that, here is a link to some programs I’ve written, most are for the Acorn (RIP) Archimedes machines, though there is one generic Unix program there too (no, I don’t write PC programs).

I’m quite proud of a game I wrote called Bloxed. I’m also quite proud of the work I did on ESP’s software only MIDI synthesiser for the Arc.

I used to play Xpilot under the name StormCloud, and at the last count had written 5 patches for it.

I have been known to do some raytracing with Rayshade and, more recently, with Persistence Of Vision. Some of my output can be found in this set of pictures, the up arrow at the bottom of these pages, this picture (768x768 JPEG, 312 kB) of a Borromean set of rings which made it onto the front cover of the June 1996 issue of Physics World, and this picture (600x480 JPEG, 104 kB) which was used is a booklet to promote Sirius (long story). These pictures are copyright 1996-2000 Steven Singer, all rights reserved.

I did start collecting words that are spelt the same but pronounced differently. but I discovered there were better lists already on the net.

Comments, about this page or any of the other pages I’m responsible for should be directed to me by e-mail at webmaster@pertinentdetail.org.
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