Bloxed is a single and multi-player Tetris variant for Acorn’s range of RiscOS computers. A full description follows lower down this page.


Version 1.11 has now been released (1st May 1996). It’s available on the WWW here.

Feel free to copy this onto other anonymous FTP sites (in fact you are encouraged to do so). If you do, mail me and I’ll add a link here.

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Bloxed is a one or more player Tetris variant I wrote for Acorn’s range of RiscOS computers. It will not run on natively a PC or a Mac. It’s inspired by an arcade game called Bloxeed by Sega which is in turn inspired by Tetris. It has many extra features over plain Tetris.

I’ve heard rumours that the ARM emulators Virtual Acorn, Red Squirrel and Archie can run Bloxed, though I haven’t tried it myself.

Power blocks

The first feature is power blocks. Some pieces that fall contain a power block. When a line containing this block is activated one of a variety of special effect occurs as follows :

4 (Four Lines)
Removes up to four incomplete lines from your playfield.
F (Filler)
Produces a little alien which can be persuaded to drop blocks to complete partially finished lines.
S (Shooter)
Produces a gun which can be used to shoot away blocks.
B (Bomb)
A bomb appears which can be used to blow up a section of your playfield.
16 (16 ton weight)
When dropped on the playfield, the weight removes 3 columns of blocks.

Multi-player mode

The other major feature is a multi-player competitive mode, where, two or three players can compete against each other. If one player completes more than one line with a piece the lines are passed to the next player.

More info

For more info read this copy of the !Help file, or this (fairly old) review of it.

Other versions

Versions for the Psion Organiser and the X windowing system, did get started, but both projects have stalled.

Screen shots

To keep you entertained, here are some screen shots. The first is of a bomb exploding, and the second is of some lines being passed in 2 player mode.

Change history

So you know whether it’s worth downloading the latest version.

Version 1.11 (released 1 May 1996)

The rest of the change history is on a separate page.

Known Bugs and Future Developments

There are no known bugs, and no immediate developments planned. I’d like at some point to allow networked games, but I just don’t have that sort of time. I’d also like to update the graphics to provide higher resolutions, but I want to avoid having multiple copies of the backdrops at different resolutions and colour depths. Also high-resolution graphics will eat up lots of memory which I want to avoid.

Please mail me if you have any bug reports or suggestions.

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