Call of Cthulhu investigator inspiration

I’ve found my new favourite B movie/Call of Cthulhu investigator inspiration.

Project Gutenberg has copies of Astounding Stories from the 1930s online. In the first issue, there’s a story called The Cave Of Horror:

In this, Dr. Bird, the investigator, utters the immortal:

In that case before we go in we want to put on baseball shoes with cleats on them, so that we can run if we have to. Can you get us anything like that?
Yes, that’s right. Before he’ll venture into the cave containing the monster he makes sure he’s wearing a good pair of running shoes.

He then goes in with troops armed with automatic weapons and grenades.

Now that’s what I call a sensible investigator.

For bonus points, when it all, inevitably, goes wrong on his first visit he won’t go back in until he has a tank.

Because of all his precautions, he survives unscathed.

Truly, an aspirational display of preparedness.

Aside: I can’t help but feel there’s something fitting about downloading science fiction stories from the 1930s in seconds from half the world away over a wireless machine-to-machine network and reading them on an electronic device can store an entire library in the palm of my hand.

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